Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Silver Lining in the Cloud

Well.. This is my first ever blog and my first ever post. I have a very simple reason of starting this blog. I read somewhere on someone else's blog, tips to grow in life, to learn in life (Yes! I'm talking about those '101 tips to lead a happy life' type posts). But not only I am doing this for myself, but also for the people who read this.

Everyone has different perspectives on how to live a happy life and the most common advice given for this is to have a positive attitude. I too believe in this, and most of my writings would be associated with this subject only, being positive by having a realistic view of the world.

Here on this blog you will find,
  • Something positive, to smile upon.
  • Something negative, to think upon.
  • And some parts left open, for you to decide yourself that how they should be taken in life.
  • Some funny thoughts, pictures and videos to bring a smile on your face.
  • Some tips for self improvement.
  • Some short stories to relate your life with.
  • Some poems and phrases by some great people and some written by a simple person (Me ofcourse!)
  • Some psychology facts and articles that will help you get an insight of your own mind.
  • Some common observations of little things in our daily life which we subconsciously choose to ignore.
  • Some inspirational quotes to brighten up your day, when you are in blues.
  • Some links and suggestions to nice music.

    And all this with a little personal touch of mine. ;)

    And yes, the list will go on increasing as we move ahead.

    So keep coming, keep visiting for more!!

    Have a great day!!

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