Friday, 17 August 2012

Mahatma Gandhi's fundamentals in Present World

It's true that wisdom never changes with time. But it is also true that the thoughts and fundamentals of great people that were applicable in their time, might not work 100% today. Everything changes and we have to change accordingly. It doesn't mean that all the wise words said earlier are now past and make no sense now. It's just that we need some dress up of the these fundamentals in order to make them work in today's world.

So here are Mahatma Gandhi's top 10 fundamentals, applicable in present scenario:
  1. Change Yourself - Well, it looks like Mahatma Gandhi also agree with whatever I said above! Be willing to change yourself, if something you feel needs to be changed. Most of us are comfortable in our skin and resist change. And it is obvious that most of us prefer clinging to our 'Comfort Zone' rather than accepting the uncomfortable change. But remember a comfortable life never led to anything great. It is good to be out of your comfort zone because it stretches you more than your limit and makes you grow. And anyway change is inevitable, you can't avoid it, so remember - "Change accordingly, before life changes you unwillingly."
  2. You are in Control - What is the first thing that comes to your mind when something in a 'Group Task' goes wrong? "He did it!!" I guess most of us can relate very well with this. Always remember, 'You' are responsible for everything right or wrong in any task you are associated with. One might think why should I take responsibility of anything, as it is more easy to live a carefree life. People miss their childhood the most and consider it as the best part of their life. The main reason you enjoyed your childhood is because there were no responsibilities. 'No Responsibilities', sounds good? Well it may sound good, but there's a fact - "With responsibility comes power." (and vice-versa as well!). So next time you find yourself running away from your responsibilities, you are indirectly giving someone else the power to control things around you. Be responsible, take control!
  3. Forgive and Let Go - This is the best advice that can be given to anyone to achieve peace of mind. When you forgive someone, you are doing yourself more of a favor than the person. Trust me on this! When you keep a grudge against someone the person occupies some part of your mind unless, you take revenge or let it go. And letting go as compared to revenge, is obviously the way to have a peaceful world and a peaceful mind. Let free the occupied space in your mind by the art of 'Forgiving and Letting Go'.. :)
  4. Without action you aren't going anywhere - Isn't it obvious? There is no calculation, no observation, no rules required to understand this. It is as simple as, 'You take one step forward, you are one step ahead!' Always keep moving towards something. If you want something, work hard for it. You can't reach somewhere by just wishing to be there!
  5. Take care of this moment - A trillion times you might have heard 'Live in present!', but still, how many amongst us follow it? Living in this moment doesn't mean thinking about this day, or this hour, or this minute. It means this very second you are living, this very breath you are taking, this very view your eyes are seeing now, this very sound your ears are listening to and this very environment your senses are feeling now. Feel it, feel the present. The moment you actually start living in this moment, you yourself will feel a magical energy flowing within yourself.
  6. Everyone is Human - Some people might be nice, some might be rude, some don't give a damn. Accept the fact! Everyone is going on its own journey, everyone is sharing his/her share of hardships in life and everyone is trying to avoid pain. We have no right to judge anyone. The way someone behaves with you is not the conscious way he decides to show you. It is the end result of whatever life has shown him from the very beginning till now. He hasn't got anything personal for/against you (here I'm just talking about acquaintances). He is behaving just as his life and experiences have driven him sub-consciously to behave as. So appreciate those who behave nicely and avoid those who don't. As simple as that! :)
  7. Persist - 'Stand up for what you believe in, even if you're standing alone.' But at the same time don't be too obstinate that other people's thoughts bounce over your head. Have an open mind. Keep your mind like an empty glass (with filters of your own judgement ON!) so that you can exchange your thoughts in a right way. These two things might seem to be opposite of each other, but remember, Balance is the key. :)
  8. Help Others - Helping doesn't always mean, that you go and feed a poor child, help a dying dog or monetary helping a needy person. Yes, these things definitely come topmost in the help category, but don't forget the unlimited opportunities of small acts of kindness that come your way. Helping your colleague with some work he has been stuck for a long time, is an example. Any act of kindness is like a boomerang, it is sure to come back to you! :)
  9. Be Authentic - No one wants to be a person for whom people say, "He is always trying to act smarter than he is.. He is such a wannabe.. He cannot be trusted for this work.." The point is Be Authentic, so that people don't have to do rocket science level research to understand you (no one has the time also). Stop trying to be someone else, pretending to be someone you're not. Also, when you don't feel the need to impress others (by pretending to be someone extremely valuable), it takes off a lot of pressure from your mind.
  10. Continue to Grow and Evolve -  Never settle down thinking, "That's it, now it's time to lay back in life." Also, I'm not saying that always keep running towards your goals as it will lead to agitated mind. Again, Balance is the key here. What never moves, is never still. Well it sounds weird but it's true!

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